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Golden retriever

Lady Nellie of Crestline

All About Nellie

Oh... our Nellie. We got her at five months old and she is the most lovable and cuddly girl! Our Nellie Belly!

She is our Cream Golden Retriever. She was the first of our doggy family we got, and we just have fight so hard not to spoil her. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

She is so sweet, but unlike the poodles, just a bit of a goofy chunk of a dog. She can't help be RETRIEVE things (can't understand that one).

She smiles SO BIG we getting love. David will just pick her up from the back and give her love and affection and we feel she smiles so big that she is actually laughing. She turns the tables on us... if we are sitting on the steps on our porch, she will come behind us and throw her paws on our shoulders and "pet" us!

Nellie LOVES water and hangs out in her little pool. When we put water in her dish, with the hose especially, she will drink from the hose and LOVES baths!

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